+ Chance to win our 200$ Gift Card!


FREE baby samples + 20 Baby-Dollars

+ Chance to win our 200$ gift card!


This Website is for Future and New Moms of Babies under 24 Months.

BabyLovingCare provided to more than 300 000 new and future parents a lot of FREE samples since 2009. There are so many grateful testimonials confirming how much esteem parents have for our network, based on the samples they received and the draw price they won! We keep on providing baby free samples to you, but we now also give away 20 Baby-dollars as soon as you register. Shop in our very exclusive online gift catalog to redeem them on the spot! Good luck with our monthly draw and closely check your postman delivery for your free baby samples!

Due to COVID-19, please expect up to 9 weeks before your first sample will arrive

Our product partners have a temporary disruption due to COVID19 (NOTE: we don't send or manage products). It's estimated to take 3-4 months before this goes back to normal but will be based entirely on the COVID19 situation. We cannot control this in any way or form

If you are like most parents to be, you always want what is best for your baby, and that includes as many free baby samples in Canada as you can get. During pregnancy or when your newborn has arrived, you might appreciate to have a chance to win our fantastic gift card, called "Welcome to the family", which you would receive at home if you win our monthly draw. Its value of $200 can help you to buy what you need for baby! Sound perfect for you? Would you also enjoy getting Baby-Dollars you can then redeem against great gifts and tools picked in our very exclusive Baby Loving Care collections? Take a couple of seconds and subscribe now!

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The reality of free stuff for babies

Many new parents and parents-to-be get frustrated, as many messages suggest, which can be read on forums: "I never got the free samples I was supposed to get." Or: "I keep getting advertising calls since I registered".

That is exactly why we, at Baby Loving Care, want to be different and better. We do believe those angry comments, as they probably result from the fact that free samples Canada are given away by baby product manufacturers such as Enfalac, Nestlé, Similac, Pampers, Heinz, Huggies, etc. So the question is always: who can a parent turn to, when the samples and freebies never seem to arrive?

We have been on the market for a long time, and we have seen many start-up companies who will not hesitate to manipulate new parents and parents-to-be, to use their contact details, but who won’t be sending the free samples

We advise you to look carefully through the websites before registering. If it is not clear what free samples you will receive, if you see no proof showing that the claimed draws do indeed take place, and if the privacy policy is unclear, impossible to find or too short, then stay away from the site.

Also, be assured that we have very reliable systems that always deliver your information immediately and directly to the websites of the baby product manufacturers that will send the free samples.

How are the offers from the Baby Loving Care network better than the other offers?

Our company has been on the market since 2009, and our offer has continuously improved ever since. We have grown more independent from the baby product providers that offer free samples for babies. That’s why we have developed our own collections of original and exclusive gifts and tools, including free ebooks, and other useful tools for new parents and parents to be.

Are you going to send us free stuff, + your Baby-Dollars + the draw of the gift card?

This is exactly what we do! We always send your details automatically to baby product manufacturers who will be responsible for sending the free samples to you. Many parents have confirmed in their testimonials that they have received the free stuff in Canada and are delighted with it.

What will I get, in addition to the free baby samples?

You will be entered automatically in our monthly draw to win our amazing gift card "Welcome to the family", worth $200, which will be delivered to your home for free. You don’t believe us? Even though it might be rare to see the name of contest winners on websites with a monthly draw, we encourage you to have a look at our testimonials, and at the list of our previous winners on our homepage ;)

In addition to the draw, you will benefit from our innovative "Baby-Dollars" program, through which you will be able to get for free many gifts and EXCLUSIVE tools, which were created for you and your baby. You will be able, thanks to this program, to quickly, and simply earn Baby-Dollars, which you can then exchange against our unique gifts from the collections we have created. You can browse through our catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for parents and parents-to-be by clicking here

How can I join your network easily?

Click here... You will immediately get 20 Baby-Dollars, which you will be able to exchange against great tools and gifts as soon as you wish to, from our "Catalog of exclusive gifts and tools for new parents and parents-to-be". The Baby-Dollars will appear in your account as soon as your registration is complete.

Can I get more Baby-Dollars to buy more gifts?

Thanks to our constant innovation, we are proud to say: yes you can!

If you get someone you know, who is also a parent-to-be or a new parent, to sign up to the Baby Loving Care network, they will have the same great benefits as you, for free, and YOU will automatically receive 30 additional Baby-Dollars as soon as their registration is complete. This is how we thank you for letting a new member know and benefit from our unique and important offer, on top of the baby samples. That way, you can get other EXCLUSIVE and RELEVANT gifts and tools from our collections, FOR FREE!

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